Full Circle

I drove home from the ATX Startup Crawl lastnight, and since I moved 10 days ago, driving home meant driving to Far West Boulevard.  As I pulled onto the exit I saw the office building that I walked out of in October.  It was the small consulting company that had to cut staff when they lost a few contracts mid year.  Since I moved into my new place, every time I drive home, I pass the building.  Instead of feeling bad seeing the windows I used to look out of, I feel a bit of gratitude every time.  Tonight, I felt an incredible sense of closure, and coming full circle.

I accepted a job as the Brand Evangelist and Community Manager for WP Engine yesterday morning.  I’d been working as a contract copywriter there for about 2 months, and I found a way to come on full time.  I’m pumped.  I spent the rest of the day finishing some docs, and then working the WP Engine booth at the Startup Crawl.

Yesterday an awesome day, and I don’t want to get carried away in reflection.  But driving by the office building I realized that I was driving home in more ways than one.  I was driving home Professionally and Personally.  I’ve landed at a startup company I love.  I love it as much for the people as the product, and it’s awesome to look around at the people I work with and feel like I’m joining something important — feel proud that I’ll get to call them colleagues.

There’s a lot of work to do, and I’ll spend the next little while getting up to speed, learning the company culture, and working support tickets. I won’t know more about how I fit into the company until months from now.  And it’s a startup company, so my job description will involve lots of things.  All those things make me happy.  And I wanted to give myself a moment to look back at the last several months and be grateful.  For the time I’ve had, for the things that I’ve learned, and for the people that have supported me with time and advice.

It’s been good, and it will continue to get better.  Thanks for sharing this part of the ride with me.

Ok, now back to work.

I hope this helps.

Austin W. Gunter

Austin Gunter

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