Around the World in 10 Days gives lots of perspective


The premise for this video is completely scandalous.  These guys are claiming to take money from Nike to film a movie about making life count.  Instead of filming something with a narrative or a “point” they take the money and spend it on plane tickets to fly around the world in 10 days, making the point that there is so much of this world available to us, sometimes making it count just means taking a risk and doing what makes you smile.

Now they’ve already hit 900,000 views on youtube, and a guarantee the video is going viral.  We’ll see 20 million views by the end of April.  So not only did they accomplish the marketing that Nike asked them for, but they also made a great point: it’s ok to thumb your nose at the establishment sometimes.  Look at what you can accomplish when you do.  This video, instead of being an anti-testament, really ends up being a testament to Western culture hitting the “restart” button about our values and what’s important.  When I saw all the amazing landmarks they feature in the film, I got the sense that Big Ben, the Pyramids, The Eiffel Tower were all built by folks who were breaking rules as they went.  Even if the only rule they were breaking was “gravity” by building something that reached up to heaven.  Nothing similar had ever been done before, and that’s why we still love those structures.  They represent a singular accomplishment.

What’s cool that the youtube video also represents a singular accomplishment.  A publishing platform like YouTube, and WordPress even, gives everyone the tools to exercise that creative spirit and share the style of their art with the world.  I say “style” because we’re sharing a personal style when we create something.  My blog is different from yours would be.  The right company for me to work at is different from the right company for you to work at.  That’s part of why we love such an earnest personal expression.  Unique expressions defy the gravity of conforming.

When I look around I see people actively questioning the value of a college education, and looking for ways to disrupt what it means to learn.  I see the rise of “startup” companies as something to be emulated.  I think that the latter is a result of a collective desire to see things change, and we want to celebrate men and women willing to take a risk and change things.  In the process they create opportunities.  That’s why we’re fed up with the government.  They never change anything, they only create more rules to lock things down, the exact opposite of what I think people are actually celebrating startups for.

We’re looking for rascals and rebels to entertain us and by their actions give us implicit permission to do something crazy.  We forget how to not do this.  I think we’re trained to not do it as children as well.  But when we see this sort of freedom and risk, the part of us that still loves doing crazy childish stuff starts singing inside us.  That’s when a video like this goes viral.  That’s when the human spirit goes viral too.

Hope this helps.

Austin W. Gunter

Austin Gunter

I’m Austin. I live in San Francisco, practice Tai Chi, have rheumatoid arthritis, listen to a lot of loud music, and host a lot of dinner parties. Want more? Start here.

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