What Drives Your Happiness?


Just a picture on this Friday afternoon to share with you all. I hope you’re doing exceedingly well.

When I bought the convertible last year, I had just gotten out of a very serious, long-term relationship. I didn’t yet know that I would be moving to California within a year, or how my life was going to take off.

After buying it, I realized that the car became symbolic of my priorities and how I’m choosing to live my life right now. Rather than being an impulsive purchase, I knew exactly what I was paying for, and months later, from a different part of the country, the wisdom of the car still speaks to me.

Right now, I’m moving fast and light, soaking up everything life has to offer. I welcome people to hit the road with me. However, there is only enough room for one other person to hop in and enjoy the open road with me. Someone with a grand sense of adventure.

The reality is that everyone pays money for things that can make their lives better. For me, the car is a source of joy every time I climb in, even if I’m only running an errand like I was today. But when I send the payment in every month, I’m happy to spend the money. The car is a practical metaphor for who I am. It’s a snapshot of me.

What do you focus your time and energy on that brings you joy? Are there symbols in your life for the part of the journey you’re on?

Austin Gunter

I’m Austin. I live in San Francisco, practice Tai Chi, have rheumatoid arthritis, listen to a lot of loud music, and host a lot of dinner parties. Want more? Start here.

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  • Austin –
    I did the same exact thing a couple years ago. And still feel the exact same way about the purchase. Enjoy!

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