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Hey there,

I’m Austin. I live in San Francisco, practice Tai Chi, have rheumatoid arthritis, listen to a lot of loud music, and host a lot of dinner parties.

I’m the author of The Liberal Arts Techie, a book explaining how anyone can empower themselves to create a better career. I wrote it because I didn’t go to a fancy school, but I did graduate with a writing degree at the height of the 2009 recession, and had to figure out how to create a career for myself out of nothing. I figured out how to do that, and in the process, ended up in Silicon Valley.

The book shares a framework that anyone can follow to get un-stuck in their careers, get a raise, and get more fulfilling work.

On this site, I write about hard questions worth asking, particularly when they’re painful, require extreme honesty, explore weird parts of our lives, or require us to think dangerous thoughts.

Here are my top posts of all time.

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I tell people that you can’t really know who I am until you’ve read a bit of my blog.

Who I am

I value connections, culture, and community. When I walk into a room, or join a company, one of my goals is to catalyze the relationships everyone has with one another. I believe the things we share define our culture, and I want us to share good things with each other.

In my career, I’ve focused on marketing to the marketing-allergic developer community. Currently, I’m on the dev relations team at Akamai.

So far, I’ve been hired more times than I’ve been fired (whew!), traveled to a handful of continents, made some incredible friends, branded or re-branded a couple of websites, and (highlight!) turned down one job offer at Google.

I love subcultures and immersing myself in new ideas. At the time of this writing, I’m focused on Taoist meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. I used to spend most of my vacation time at an Eastern Orthodox Monastery. I once wrote a thesis on the morality of Pick-Up Artists (the conclusion will surprise you).


I’ve appeared in places like The New York TimesInc.com, Smashing Magazine ProBlogger, WPMU, and Code Poet.


The best place to connect with me is on Twitter, @austingunter.

I end every blog post with the following…

I hope this helps.

Austin Gunter

Vend Marketing at Waiheke


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