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Cigar and Spirit Pairing iPhone App

I had exactly three retail jobs when I was getting my degree at St. Edward’s University.  Because of that I do endorse the common wisdom that everyone should pull a stint in retail or the service industry.  This holds true in my experience because I took exactly two positive things from my time shilling under florescent lights.  The first is knowing that I want to make my money based on what I accomplish and the knowledge that I have; trading hours for dollars isn’t for me.  Learning that I had the power to choose to make money with my identity was a cool thing to learn.  This paid off in the work I oriented myself towards.  See, Changing Minds to Change the World.

I kinda feel like Entrepreneurship is a great big sandbox for grown-ups.

The other thing that I took away from retail was an extensive working knowledge of premium tobacco: that is, I am a walking Cigar Encyclopedia.

Yes, while my friends were waiting tables, I was becoming a college-aged cigar aficionado.

While I love knowing my way around a Cigar humidor, I wasn’t optimistic about turning this experience into cash.  That may start happening soon.  Jei Gaither, one of the Tech Ranchers and founder of App Ranch, pitched his

newest iPhone app ideas: a cigar and spirit pairing app, with user-submitted pairings.  He’s got the development underway and I’m creating the initial pairings.

I’ll let you know when we get a Beta out.  Then you can read my poetic descriptions of my favorite cigars.  Expect

such literary gems as: I was pleased with the cigar’s dynamic nutty brown texture reminiscent of Nicaraguan soil that finishes clean as spring dew.

I hope that helps.