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Shiny Object Syndrome. . . .My Reading List

Here’s a list of everything that I’m reading right now.  Since I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas, I’ve been reading differently.  I bounce back and forth between the Kindle and the physical books that I have started.  I’m definitely reading more that I was, and differently.

Since I’m constantly reading, I thought it would be fun to share the list right now.  I think that I started 2-3 books last week alone, so they’re all in various states of completion.  Imagine the piles of books around my room and try not to be too jealous.


by Stephen King

What if you could go back in time and stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating John F. Kennedy?  Would you do it?  What would the consequences be?  That’s what this book covers in about 800 pages.

I’m a big Stephen King fan, mostly from his Dark Tower series and his book on the craft, On Writing.  This book is lagging about 500 pages in.  He gets caught up in this fantasy of living in the 1950s.  Everything King writes anymore is painfully autobiographical.  It’s like he’s got a giant sandbox to recreate his own life and we’re along for the ride.

 I Will Teach You to Be Rich
By Ramit Sethi

Ramit writes my favorite personal finance and career blog.  He is sarcastic, off putting, and a bit of a dick.  But I read him because he’s got a lot of good data about setting up my 401k and Roth IRA, as well as how to automate the crap out of my checking account and credit cards.

It’s personal finance for the Generation Y audience.

By Seth Godin 

When I built the community of entrepreneurs at Tech Ranch Austin, we were building a Tribe of Entrepreneurs, and the ecosystem to support them.  Seth Godin has written another immortal little chapbook to discuss how to imagine the community that you wish existed in your town and then go build it yourself.

Stop waiting for someone else to build it for you.  Go become a leader.  Imagine how many people you’ll serve.

The First-Created Man
Fr. Seraphim Rose 

If you know me, you know that I’m actively reading about Spirituality and Orthodox Christianity.  I picked this book up a few days before Christmas and added it to the collection.  It’s a collection of Homilies from Saint Symeon the new Theologian on Adam and Eve and the creation of the world.

The book has answers to meaning of life questions as understood by the Orthodox Church.  It’s really dense reading, but applicable to how I’m living my life.  If you decide to check this out, I want to have lunch and talk about what you thought.


Brining Nothing to the Party  – True Confessions of a New Media Whore
By Paul Carr 

Paul Carr writes like he’s a selfish tool and I think he’s exaggerating.  It feels like a melodrama of the wallflower writer archetype:  The asshole on the fringe of the party, wishing he was actually throwing the party.

Yes, writers think this way about things.  We really do.  We also want to be entrepreneurs as well, as Carr becomes, getting funded and growing a big company, parties and all.  It’s a great romp in the UK’s Startup Culture of the 1990s.  And a fun read on my new Kindle Touch.

I just think he’s more human than he makes himself out to be.

The Book of the Shepherd
By The Scribe
As Discovered by Joann Davis

Sylvia, my business coach, gave this to me for Christmas.  It’s a book about forgiveness and hope.  It’s about questioning the status quo and making your own way.

When I read the book, I can feel both sides of my brain wriggling around, digesting the archetype as I read.  It’s how I know the book is doing what it’s supposed to do.

So far, I highly recommend it.

The New Yorker

My favorite magazine of all time, now on my freaking Kindle.  I was in a wheelchair when I first started reading the magazine at 15.  There was this amazing story about this nutjob who owned a diner in upstate New York and the writer for the magazine who had been going there 20 years.

The owner / cook was openly hostile to new patrons, but would treat his regulars like family, making them custom meals and telling nutjob stories.

The prose was amazing, and I was hooked.


The Harvard Business Review

Ever since visiting the Acton School of Business (Entrepreneurship), and reading the Harvard Business Cases for the classes I sat through, I’ve started a love affair with this publication.  The school electrified me and I think that rubbed off on the reading material too.

I’ve just come out as a big business nerd.  Hope you still love me the same…

If you like reading about business models and making money, and want to keep learning, go grab this.